Joining the Japanese Association for Research in Family Nursing (JARFN)

1.Types of memberships
  • Regular members : Researchers, educators, and practitioners who apply for membership, demonstrating an interest in family nursing.
  • Honorary members : Members who have made contributions to JARFN and have been approved by the general assembly.
  • Supporting members : Individuals or organizations that support the aims of JARFN, have gone through the process of deliberation with the administrative board, and have then been approved by the general assembly.
2.Membership application
  • If you are interested in becoming a new member, please submit a request for the application documents (application form, payment slip) to our secretariat, then send us back your application form and deposit the entrance fee as well as the annual membership fee. When doing so, you must have a referral from one JARFN member. Once the application form and deposit have been confirmed, we will inform you of your membership number.