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Message from the President of Japanese Association for Research in Family Nursing

Kiyoko Kamibeppu
President of Japanese Association for Research in Family Nursing

I am Kiyoko Kamibeppu who has been the chairperson since September 15, 2019.The Japanese Association for Research in Family Nursing (JARFN) was founded by the late Professor Chieko Sugishita. Also, I was the successor to Professor Chieko Sugishita at the University of Tokyo. So I was deeply moved to be appointed as the President of JARFN.

With the revision of the election rules, the board of directors started in September 2019 with new members. The current board of directors is actively promoting the management of the academic society by adding new perspectives and ideas from young committee members. On this the occasion of opening the new homepage of JARFN, I will once again give a greeting.

The momentum of the Covid-19 infection that started in Wuhan, China in December 2019 has not slowed down, and it is attacking the world with a second wave, a third wave, and a fourth wave. In Japan as well, the highly infectious mutant viruses have become rampant, and infections among young people and children are increasing. Meanwhile, vaccination programs have begun, and it is around this time that we are waiting for the day when we can act freely again.

COVID-19 has had various effects on family and people's relationships, and has emphasized the importance of family nursing to us. JARFN conducted a survey of Certified Nurse Specialist of Family Health Nursing in April-May 2020 (Japanese Journal of Research in Family Nursing: JJRFN Vol. 26, No. 2). Around the same time, a statement was issued by the President regarding Covid-19 Nursing. Furthermore, at the academic meetings on 2020, voices from clinical sites have been disseminated as a cross-committee project, and various ideas have been reported through collaboration between education and clinical practice as a conference relay project (JJRFN Vol. 26, No. 2.)

The seminars on "ambiguous loss" and "family resilience" jointly organized by the Education Promotion Committee and the Disaster Countermeasures Committee were evaluated to have been very timely. Medical societies and other nursing societies are also collecting and disseminating information related to COVID-19, and their knowledge is being accumulated. However, there is truly little information on the issue of how to support the family as a whole or as a system under the influence of this COVID-19. Therefore, we recognize that it will be very important for our association to disseminate our findings.

At the general meeting in September 2020, the establishment of the Practice Promotion Committee, the Disaster Countermeasures Committee, and the Future Idea Committee as permanent committees were approved, and each committee has already begun to make big contributions. We will continue to work for the development of JARFN in order to achieve the goals at the time of the inauguration of the Board of Directors, including cooperation with related academic societies in Japan and overseas, and not just respond to the effects of COVID-19.

We look forward to the active participation to JARFN as our members. Thank you for your continued support.

April 2021
Kiyoko Kamibeppu

History of the Japanese Association for Research in Family Nursing (JARFN)

The Japanese Association for Research in Family Nursing (JARFN) was founded in October 1994 when its first academic meeting was held at the University of Tokyo. Since this first meeting, academic meetings have been actively held under unique topics on an annual basis. JARFN started at a time when the area of family nursing was not fully acknowledged within nursing science, and has been making efforts to disseminate the basic concept of reconsidering "family" as the client of nursing care and its practice. At the same time, we are facing a major challenge of positioning the academic area of "family nursing" within nursing science, and systematizing it. Over the course of this attempt, in order to promote the academic activities of members, we began publishing the journal "Japanese Journal of Research in Family Nursing" from 1995. In addition, various committees were established within JARFN to broadly educate members and international activities are taking place through these committees.
In 1999, JARFN was registered as an academic society of the Science Council of Japan, and continues to actively participate as a member of the Japan Society of Nursing Science. There are over 1400 members already, and these members are in various areas of existing nursing science. Hence, the expectations on JARFN as well as the challenges we must face are enormous. As can be seen, the mission of JARFN has progressed to the point of being firmly established in theoretical and practical academic areas. We will continue to capture what is currently desired in family nursing in this era, actively practice our academic activities, and make social contributions as a nursing academic society.

The role of family nursing and the mission of JARFN

The functions and structure of families today are changing, and families are confronted with many issues. Nursing is no longer about caring for the ill and their families that are distressed thereby; it is now also required to work on preventive care and health promotion.
Family nursing is for fostering the care function embraced by families, performing the role of enhancing family health, and it can be said to be a comprehensive approach that involves different areas of nursing science.
Moreover, various actions and measures are considered for families that face diverse problems and issues, and it is JARFN that will be playing a part in fostering this movement. Further, our mission also includes the creation of wisdom and skill development for family health and improvement of health care, and contributing to society by incorporating these assets.

The organization of the Japanese Association for Research in Family Nursing (JARFN)

The organization is composed of an administrative director, deputy administrative director, administrative officer, councilor, auditor, secretary and various committee members. We perform activities such as editing, research and education, public relations, international exchange, and academic and policy activities. The term for board members is 3 years.

Activities performed by the Japanese Association for Research in Family Nursing (JARFN)

Activities performed by JARFN are as follows.
  • Holding academic meetings: The JARFN academic meeting is held once a year under a unique main topic, and lectures on family nursing, symposiums, presentations and discussions on research and advanced practice take place. We believe this contributes to the development of family nursing and improvement in practice.
  • Publishing journals: "Japanese Journal of Research in Family Nursing" is published periodically, articles on family nursing (reviews, original articles, research reports, materials, etc.), as well as articles regarding JARFN are published, and it is distributed to members and related institutions.
  • Holding lectures and training sessions: Lectures, training sessions and seminars are held periodically to improve research, practice, and education on family nursing and to promote family nursing.
  • Coordination with other societies and related institutions: Through coordination with domestic and foreign societies and other related institutions, information exchange on family nursing is fostered along with the development of family nursing and social contributions. In recent years, many of our members from Japan have participated in and made presentations at the International Family Nursing Conference, and have been promoting international exchange in the area of family nursing.